Thursday, November 20, 2003

One to three & now four

First the News: The government will form a censor board to censor music videos. Indians, especially elderly politicians in Parliament, have been debating the increasing vulgarity in these music videos.

It all started with Kaliyon ka Chaman, in which Meghna Naidu seductively swirled in clothes that accentuated her assets. He success of the video gave the audio sales an unprecedented push and let out a flood of similar videos, which doesn’t seem to ending anytime soon.

Sensuality went out of the window, once sexuality began dancing in our living rooms 24X7. Some dared, and bared so much that the music video could put a C-grade film to shame. And the average middle class India was furious.

Music video directors found their own way of censorship, not by adding to the clothes the models used to wear. But by increasing the number of semi-clothed women.

One semi-nude woman is vulgar, two is little less vulgar, three is community. So Chadhti Jawani had three women in almost nothing pinching their own bottoms.

Now we have four doing the Saiyan Dil Mein Aana Re. Is plural less vulgar than singular. Seems so. One is nanga but hammam mein sab nange hain.

Seeing a woman bathing alone is playing Peeping Tom. So a woman doesn’t bathe in public. But they don’t mind taking a dip when there are many like community bathing in India’s holy rivers.

One Bangaru Lakshman caught on tape was vulgar. Mayawati VCD triggered a lesser outrage. Judeo shock is over in three days. Hammam mein sab nange hain.

Nobody thinks corruption is an issue any longer. Because corruption's dance is a community dance. No one thinks it’s vulgar.

It’s bad if it’s done privately. If you smoked up in the college loo, you are a bad guy. If 500 of them get high on Acid, it’s a rave party.

One prostitute soliciting on the road is “Oh My God.” G.B. Road or Falklands Road is not.

A man kills another for some reason or reasons. The killer is a killer and is arrested. Many kill many is a riot. And riots have their reasons and killers might be activists. Many otherwise normal going-to-office people take part in riots. Alone they won’t dare kill an ant.

So is many less vulgar than one?

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