Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Waiter, there's a scandal in my Kofi!

Kofi Annan Declares Self-Defense Illegal; France Agrees, Germany Begins Plans. Jokes apart, Mr Kofi Annan, as this blog has earlier ranted, is a joke and not only because his name can be used for coffee jokes. This man has failed to do the primary duties of strengthening peace in the world.

His son reportedly received illegal money from the Oil for Food Programme in Iraq and now the question is whether Mr Annan knew about that. It also puts a question mark on his famous opposition to any forced change of regime in Iraq. Whatever be the answer to those questions, least Mr Annan could do is resign from the post. He has weakened that institution called the United Nations and he has lost the trust of the world.

Saddam Hussain could continue his torture regime in Iraq because Mr Annan could not enforce the Security Council resolutions. And when America unilaterally decided to end that monster's control of Iraq, Mr Annan cried hoarse. He had countries like France with him. Everyone knows why France didn't want Saddam to go. Some say George W. Bush went to war because of economic reasons. The same can be said about France (and Annan?) opposing it.

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