Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Loo-t at political leaders' houses

Even the houses of Members of Parliament are not safe from thieves. Sanitary fittings have gone missing from the houses of at least four MPs on high-security Ferozeshah Soad not too far from Parliament House over the past few days, according to a Press Trust of India report.

Pipes, taps, mirrors and even a solar heater plate have been stolen from the houses of Capt. Jai Narayan Prasad Nishad (phew... his name is longer than the list of stolen items), Vijay Singh, Vinod Kumar and Sushila Kerketa.

The thieves entered a bathroom of Kerketa's 13-A Ferozeshah Road house on Sunday and made off with some taps and shower fittings, a relative of the Jharkhand MP said. She said a police complaint had been filed but there had been no results so far.

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Jabberwock said...

Now THAT'S a true democracy!