Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ready to play

The coming Assembly elections in some states are being billed as the great electoral semifinal. The general elections next year will be the big final match. Agreed, these elections are being fought in some large states where the BJP and the Congress are in direct fight. The battle in Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan will be interesting as the BJP has been in power in these states and would face not only a stronger Congress but also anti-incumbency. If the BJP loses these, it should kiss its dreams of recapturing New Delhi goodbye.

The state called Delhi may not be as big in size as the above three but the battle here will be no less interesting. Congress has been in power here for a decade. These is increasing discomfort in the masses with the way the government has handled basic issues — roads, power, water and hygiene — in the recent past. The all-new BRT looks like a terrible mistake, the rest of the roads are in horrible shape. Power cuts make mofussil of this mahanagar and water has been scarce, but not on the roads in this squalid city.

But then BJP chose an old, regressive man to lead the party in this state.
V.K. Malhotra may promise change but doesn't represent it. He is more of the same thing, only in different clothes. I am really not sure he can pull it off — the job at hand if he god forbid wins. A city poised for big things deserves better. So now I have serious doubts about the BJP's ability to be effective in the finals next year. Well, if the guys at Ashok Road couldn't find a better candidate for Delhi, this puts a question mark on their strategy.

As for Sheila Dikshit, she is better off with the oldie leading the opponents. She can be adventurous enough to fancy a third consecutive term, but that may not come. Even if she scrapes through, the Congress high command would anoint someone else this time. She has burnt too many bridges with 10, Janpath. Here is another incentive for her rivals within the party: help her win because she will lose the chair anyway. That means another Delhi leader will get a chance to play inside Players Building. Game, anyone?

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सबकी कहानी said...

Lets Congress overcome ongoing economic depression. It will be a greater challenge to go to public if financial state of affairs remain volatile like this than going after provincial or local issues. Congress is under tremendous pressure to deliver. Now. But how?