Thursday, March 11, 2004

Holi goes to court

The Supreme Colour Court Monday issued notices to the Election Commission of India and nearly 157 political parties for violating the Unified Colour Code by holding Election in the time of Holi. According to the code, all Indian festivals would maintain a comfortable distance from one another.

Holi the festival approached the court early today though it had announced its intentions on Sunday evening itself. By Sunday evening it was becoming clear that many participants were busy planning political rallies and some were mixing Holi with politics.

The Election Commission and all the major political parties have denied the allegation and said it was Holi that fell in the midst of democracy's biggest festival. Two of the biggest political parties termed Holi's allegations ridiculous saying technically the Election Fest was occurring over a month after the Holi.

Holi, on the other hand, claimed the colours of politics clashed with its colours and blamed the lacklustre celebrations on the parties.

It also attacked the parties for showing bias towards some colours and criticised them for politicising a festival meant for all Indians.

At a press conference called today: "The BJP's mix of saffron 70 per cent saffron and 30 per cent green is a sham. It is nearly 93 per cent saffron." Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati were rapped for monocracy in colour scheme. Holi said: "What's with this one colour per party thing, huh? It's nothing but dividing colours."

Holi also criticised the Congress for what it called fooling people. "This party has 33 per cent white, which is not a colour used in Holi. In fact, white is not a colour."

Congress spokesman Capall Fibbal said that Holi needed to brush up its general knowledge. "I think this Holi fellow meant black. White is a colour. Truth is white is the root of all colours and when all colours meet they become white. Black on the other hand means absence of any colour."

Other festivals including religious ones like Diwali and Dussehra have supported Holi's stand. Mahashivratri refused a comment saying it was a non-issue. Makar Sankranti was not available for comment.

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