Tuesday, March 09, 2004

India fails Sonu Nigam, so he's leaving

Failure makes a mess of the one who fails. Sonu Nigam's second try at acting in Love in Nepal has failed. The film hasn't worked. E. L. Kersten once said "The secret of success is knowing whom to blame for your failure."

Guess who Sonu is blaming for his failure? India, the country. Yes you read right.

Sonu Nigam doesn't want to be here anymore. He is going to the US and wishes to base himself there. According to him, India does not have opportunities and Indians don't believe in talent. They believe in hype, Sony says.

Sonu Nigam became a singing sensation at a very young age and that happened in India. He became a millionaire before he turned 20 and that happened in India.

In fact he was offered a role in a big budget film just because he was a successful singer and that too happened in India. He was offered lead role in a film even though his first outing had bombed, in India. He was offered another lead role in another film, which has just bombed.

And the man, now 30, says India has no opportunity. Indians go by hype and talent does not matter.

He is angry that he was not invited to the launch party of a film album, he has sung a song for.

Well, abuse the one who didn't invite you young man. India is doing fine. India has made you big enough to dream about a singing career in the US of A. It was the opportunity in India that opened the doors for the international album you are about to cut , Sonu.

And as far as hype goes, we have not beaten the US yet. India has rejected Resident God Amitabh Bachchan whenever he tried to pass crap as quality. You aren’t God yet and no you wish to be Non-Resident. India wishes you best of luck.

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