Wednesday, August 11, 2004

World is cruel, even to Amar Singh!

Samajwadi Party General Secretary Amar Singh is hurt. He says the Congress is not following coalition "dharma" by making "unilateral" decisions on investment, reducing interest rates on provident fund and hiking prices of petroleum products.

Over to Shri Singh: "We want to ask whether it is coalition dharma to not consult supporting parties before making unilateral announcement..."

Tch... tch... this Congress party! It just doen't consult. It didn't consult Samajwadi Party when forming the government. In fact SP leaders like Thakur Amar Singh don't know whether they are part of the coalition.

Why? Because the Congress wouldn't tell him so. The Congress, when it invited random small-time leaders to a dinner, didn't offer the same invitation to Amar Singh's party. And every day since then, it has refused to recognise him as part of the government or the coalition.

Amar Singh is hurt for over 100 days, but still the Congress doesn't consult him, even to tell him that it doesn't need to tell him.

Everybody loves Amar Singh from Amitabh to Ambani to Mallya to Mulayam. He's in everybody's party except Soniaji's Congress party. Life sucks. Sometimes, even Amar Singh's.

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