Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I am such a son of a beach!

Sun, sand, sea and palms

How pleasant to sit on the beach,
On the beach, on the sand, in the sun,
With ocean galore within reach,
And nothing at all to be done!
—Ogden Nash

I am back from Goa, salt in my hair, sand in my pants, beer in my belly and a song on my lips.

So what did I do? I had taken books I couldn’t finish. I did not go sight-seeing. I did not visit the happening places, skipped the famous rave parties. I didn’t have time from doing nothing at all, “with ocean galore within reach”.

I had breakfast on the beach, before I jumped into the Arabian Sea’s open arms. I had lunch in my swimming shorts (I had not taken trunks), which would dry by the time I finished my lazy lunch. And it was back to the sea again. The dinner too, except one odd night, was right next to the rising tide. And it was fish, always. There was a variety to be savoured.

I have not forgotten how to swim. It was a relief to know that after not swimming for nearly seven years. I did venture away from the shore quite a few times and did that without any fear.

That’s about it. But I will be back. There’s something in the white sand of South Goa.

(PS: God give us all long life in shorts and t-shirts. To hell with trousers.)


Tridib said...

Sir, You seem to have had a really good time. Nothing can be better than a seaside for a nice, relaxing holiday.

NeeTo De' said...

Blue for my eyes,
Gold in my feet,
White to embrace me,
A song on my lips,
All feels like love…
That only Sea can See.

It seems GOA now truly in “Go-Getter-Goan” spirits.