Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Nepal on the brink, King plays new game of brinkmanship

Half the country had gone to the Maoists. The other half is going to the dogs. >Nepal King sacks govt, assumes power. Natwar needs to wake up, smell the shit, and thank mother earth for the tragic tsunami.

The King, who became king in dubious circumstances after the entire royal family was died in mysterious circumstances, was expected to pay a visit to Delhi but had to postpone the visit because of the tragedy in southern India. Had he been here and gone back and done this, people of Nepal would have hated us. Many in Nepal already hate us enough for playing big brother.

The Himalayan Kingdom had long been the playground for Pakistan’s ISI, which operates in the terai region bordering Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The western and central Nepal has been in total control of the Beijing-backed Maoists.

Kathmandu has been a capital under siege for a year now. The Maoists have established a red corridor that now runs from northern tip of China to the southern tip of India. The Ministry for External Affairs has said it’s watching the developments in Kathmandu. It better make some quick moves too.

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