Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Anbumani lights up his own logic ciggie

The Indian Government has finally revealed why it did not allow sex in cinema: To promote family planning! Look, when people don't see sex on screen, they don't want it in their bedroom. And this brings down the country's population.

This is obviously not true, but going by the logic of India's Health and Family Planning Minister Anbumani Ramadoss, this could be.

Govt's Doctor plays The Cigarette Censor.

Now films on both the big screen and the small one will have a blur when the hero, the heroine or the villain lights up a cigarette. Our Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss has been famous for being the Health Minister of AIIMS. So to prove he has also been working on the country's health, he has come up with this unique idea, the first in the world. Good luck, Mr Ramadoss.


Mee said...

This nation needs to bring up its generations on a fair dose of sex education and inculcate a sense of openess on sex and related issues.. Meaningless censorship wouldn't help.

Rajkumar said...

Acutally, why Ramdoss is doing it coz he is a die hard Kamlahassan fan. So by doing this he thinks he can curb Rajni's popularity.

Anonymous said...

Raj, very funny indeed..:)-Rimjhim