Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Are these Muftis serious or just muft ka public ko bewaqoof bana rahe?

Suicide attacks are un-Islamic, unless it's in Israel or India. Waah. A PTI report from Islamabad:

Islamabad, May 17: Muslim clerics in Pakistan today issued a decree declaring as "un-Islamic" suicide attacks in public places in an Islamic country but kept Kashmir out of its purview.

The clerics, who gathered in Lahore, said those who believe that suicide attacks are meant to earn blessings would be considered out of Islam.

However, 58 clerics from different schools of thought, said the decree does not apply to Palestinian and Kashmiri Muslims.

The decree was issued at a press conference by Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman, who heads an officials moon sighting body and the government-run federal Press Information Department.

He said murder of a non-Muslim is also prohibited if he comes to a Muslim state with permission as "Islam calls for protection of non-Muslims".


Mee said...

Just one word defines such a hypocritical decree: OUTRAGEOUS!

Tridib said...

Public ko bewaqoof nahin banane se in akal-wo-mazhab-ke-dushmano ko muft ka khana kahaan se milega!