Thursday, May 26, 2005

A note for Paswan

Paswan's dilemma: Who to tie-up with from Expressindia.

The LJP leader claimed that his sacrifice for the sake of a Muslim Chief Minister would stand him in good stead in the polls "where RJD will bite the dust as it has always treated the minority community as bonded labour".

Paswan, who is preparing a document on why no government could be formed in Bihar and why the house had to be dissolved, quoted a famous line from Robert Browning "I have always been a fighter; let there be one more fight".

Miracles do happen. Mr Paswan, you may become a kingmaker or God willing king again. But please get some decent Muslim candidates since you are more minority-loving leader than Laloo. It's quite stupid to insist on a Muslim chief minister when you do not have a Muslim MLA. Of all the parties, the "communal" BJP has a Muslim MLA, you should be ashamed of such lurid lip service to Muslims.

But frankly speaking, Muslims do not want a Muslim chief minister, Muslims want education, equality, protection from minority-bashing, and above all prosperity. You have not shown Bihar your agenda for the desperately-needed progress. You, Laloo, Nitish and others still do not talk about end of criminal raj. You did not have MLAs with only criminal past but also criminal present. Many of them ditched you.

People like this blogger, who do not live in Bihar, have to often face this question: What's wrong with your Bihar? We do not have an answer. What we do know is that we have some really bad breed of politicians, as clueless as you.

Paswan said he could have easily bargained for the post of deputy Chief Minister for his brother Pashupati Paras, but he sacrificed it to press for a Muslim Chief Minister. "If I am to blame for my rigid stand, I stick to it," he said.

Your rigid stand cost Bihar an election. You could go to Nitish Kumar or you could go to Laloo Prasad for all we care. But you didn't need to let the state suffer another round of election, waste of money and blood. You are ready to share the bed with Laloo in Delhi, but in Bihar you play the upright, tight principled man. Have some principle, please.


Mee said...

"But frankly speaking, Muslims do not want a Muslim chief minister, Muslims want education, equality, protection from minority-bashing, and above all prosperity."

Of course, this is what we know they desperately need..But what little I gather from my tour to a Muslim-dominated constituency in Bihar, I heard them talk about their preference of a Muslim candidate, if not a Muslim candidate, then at least an RJD candidate..They preferred an RJD regime back despite underdevelopment, crime and corruption, because RJD is one party they feel safe with..

I really feel sad and curse today's politicians and the whole of Indian society for failing to provide a sense of security to the Muslims after more than 50 years of independence...

Kamakaze said...

Rimjhim, You, unfortunately, are right in saying Muslims do feel safe with a Muslim candidate. And when you curse, please aim most of them towards the BJP and Congress. BJP for making them feel insecure, and Congress for its politics that created the BJP.

Folks like Laloo and the gang are just reaping the harvest. The seeds were sown by our protectionist Nehruvian ideology, and nurtured by the Sangham Sharanam BJP.

Hope Muslims see through the windshield, and not at the windshield.