Monday, May 23, 2005

Who's on the monkey's side? We are!

A story. A monkey has landed in a village and some people are chasing the simian for bringing havoc to their tiled roofs. The monkey gets on a tree. People surround the tree and start pelting stones. And then the quintessential Indian arrives at the scene and says, "What's the problem?" A villager says, "This monkey has ruined my house." And the rest say, "And we want to teach him a lesson so that he never comes this side." The Quintessential Indian: "Who's on the monkey's side?" His question is greeted with a silence. "No one? Then I am." says the lone ranger.

We have it in us. We always side with the victim, the one we perceive to be the victim at any given time. I remember a large number of Indian being on Saddam Hussein's side because he looked like a victim. Many of us hate the United States because it's military power seldom allows it to look like a victim. Even after 9/11.

And that trait influences our voting too. M.J. Akbar argues it beautifully in his Byline this week. Click here to read the Byline titled Victimorious.


Mee said...

Yeah..but going by this logic, do u think Bihar voters would vote for the victims 'JD-U' n other NDA parties in Bihar?

perhaps, the perception might for Lalu supporters and numerous illiterate voters in Bihar, he might be the victim..As for me, poor Nitish Kumar is the victim of Congres-RJD's manipulative politics.. :)

Kamakaze said...

Yeah... that's very tricky. In today's Bihar... there is just one victim. The Bihari. But the poor soul can't contest, forget winning an election. Besides, perception beats reality. S/He's still not perceived as a victim.