Monday, August 11, 2003

Looks like, we got a problem!

When a 18-year-old girl looks into the mirror, she is sure she looks like Madhuri Dixit or Julia Roberts. Which one depends on where she is from. If she is from a village Kailashgarh near Kolhapur, she thinks she is Madhuri.

If she is from Greater Kailash in Delhi, she's Julia Roberts. Her weight doesn't matter much, because she's comparing the face. She is sure she can get in shape in three months after she looked at the ad in the right hand bottom corner of the newspaper describing how Ms Bhari Wadhwa of Rajouri Garden came down from 103 kg to 97.3kg in three months.

When I look at the mirror I am sure I look like my lookalike. We both are looking for each other for looking alike is a problem being discussed from Lal Kuan to Lok Sabha.

I am not sure about Lal Kuan discussing it but the Lok Sabha certainly is.

Balbir Singh, a Shatrughan Sinha lookalike, sauntered around the Parliament House for a couple of hours. Security guards shook hands with him and even asked for autographs. Nobody asked for his ID for you don't ask a minister for an ID in India.

Shatrughan Sinha, the minister, wasn't around and nobody else seems to know what the real Shatrughan Sinha looks like. Anyway, the question now being raised is: What if it were an ataankwadi from a shatru desh? Even Balbir says: What if I had a bomb?

Balbir means that if he had a bomb he would have felt like blowing up Parliament. And since he would have felt like it, he would have done it. Thank you, Balbir, for not having a bomb.

But that doesn't answer the question: What if a Shatrughan-lookalike terrorist enters the Parliament complex? Parliament has a committee on security and that committee is discussing this issue threadbare.

I think Parliament is going to ban look-alikes. And Govinda will welcome the news. His look-alikes are busier than him. "Waah! Kya inverter hai." Ditto for Dharmendra, Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and others.

Though I am sure Lal Kuan is not in Jodhpur, the issue of lookalikes has become a burning issue in the Rajasthan town. Ashok Sindhi's wife and relatives were in shok after cremating him about 24 days ago. They had in fact come to terms with his death. On August 4, he walked back in.

Police investigations revealed that the body belonged to another person called Suman Sharma, who looked like Sindhi. Sharma's body was lying in a ditch on July 10, the day Sindhi went missing. Sindhi's family thought he's dead. After the postmortem, which blamed the death to an accident, he was cremated.

Now Sindhi say he had gone to visit his grandmother in Jaipur. The question everyone's should now be asking is: When is Suman Sharma coming back? Because it's only after he returns that the police investigations would reveal that the body did not belong to even Suman Sharma but his lookalike Bhuvan Verma. Anybody looking like Bhuvan Verma, beware. You're next.

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