Thursday, August 28, 2003

Science proposes, Astrology disposes

Astrology proposes, science disposes : Astrologers say the celestial event of Mars coming closer to Earth would trigger a series of significant events. Scientists said this is all bunkum.

"There is no correlation between Mars coming close to the Earth and the political developments in the country. It is just a coincidence," Nehru Planetarium Director Dr N Rathnasree said. "All these claims are illogical. Nobody has found any relation between the distance of the Earth and Mars."

I would like to believe Ms Rathnasiree, but the events on earth suggest otherwise. Ask me, as a journalist on the desk we've been struggling for news. "Nothing's happening" had been one of the most heard statements made in the newsroom. That was till last week. Now so much is happening that we don't know what to do.

OUT OF THE BLUE: Opposition moved a No Confidence Motion against the NDA government at the Centre

OUTBREAK OF EYE FLU: Though eye flu is a gift the Monsoon gets us every year, but this year it's been severe. Except me everyone else seems to have had a red eye.

MUMBAI HAS TWIN BLASTS: The worst since 1993. RDX packed in bags were left in taxis. The deathtoll crossed 50.

IN UP, AS LONG AS IT LASTS: Mayawati drops a bombshell. BJP withdraws, Mulayam draws. Totally unexpected turn of events in the state.

NASIK STAMPEDE KILLS 50: Thank God. Because hundreds survived. With crowds of hundreds of thousands of people at one place, anything could have happened.

AND KAKISI THROAT IS BAD TO THE T: I tried looking at the Mars. It looked as small as ever. And as far. I tried using my small telescope which doesn't have a stand. And my hands aren't steady. I have a bad cold. Cough! Oh... My throooooooat!

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